Course of Study

Our Course Scheduling ADVANTAGE:


At TAVS, our students experience their curriculum on a quarterly basis in order to assist in facilitating time management, independent learning, and workload manageability.


Science and English course enrollment is strategically planned to allow separation from concurrent enrollment in Mathematics, encouraging student concentration and engagement.

Course sequencing of core curriculum encourages the building of student knowledge in such a way that students encounter challenging new concepts in a concentrated, but accessible manner.

Typical Course of Study*






Quarter 1

English/Language Arts 6A

Science 6A

Physical Education 6A


Quarter 1

English/Language Arts 7A

Science 7A

Physical Education 7A


Quarter 1

English/Language Arts 8A

Science 8A

Physical Education 8A

Quarter 2

English/Language Arts 6B

Science 6B

Physical Education 6B

Quarter 2

English/Language Arts 7B

Science 7B

Physical Education 7B

Quarter 2

English/Language Arts 8B

Science 8B

Physical Education 8B

Quarter 3

Mathematics 6A

Social Science 6A

Elective 6A

Quarter 3

Mathematics 7A

Social Science 7A

Elective 7A

Quarter 3

Mathematics 8A

Social Science 8A

Elective 8A

Quarter 4

Mathematics 6B

Social Science 6B

Elective 6B

Quarter 4

Mathematics 7B

Social Science 7B

Elective 7B

Quarter 4

Mathematics 8B

Social Science 8B

Elective 8B


*All student schedules are determined alongside students and parents, with specific attention given to each student’s individualized academic needs and goals.