September Reminders

If you are a junior interested in attending a four-year university, you need to plan to take the SAT Reasoning Test and/or the ACT. 


The SAT and ACT are college entrance exams that must be taken to qualify for a four-year university. Click on the link SAT vs ACT to find out more about the difference between the two tests and which you should take. 


It is recommended that all juniors take the SAT/ACT at least twice during the second semester or their junior year. Below is a list of the test dates and registration deadlines. Please mark them in your calendar.


To register for the SAT, go to and create an account. To register for the ACT go to  You will need the following information to apply:


School Name: Susan H. Nelson School 

School  Code: 053627


There is a $43 fee to take the SAT and a $39.50 fee for the ACT. If you are on free or reduced lunch, please see me for a fee waiver. If you believe you qualify for free or reduced lunch, please click on the link, Free & Reduced Lunch Application and complete. 


If you plan to attend a UC school (University of California) you will need to also take the SAT Subject Tests. Please click on the link, SAT Subject Testto find out more about the SAT Subject Tests. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to either email me or come see me in Room 7. 



Post-Secondary Information

A-G Requirements  - Lists UC/CSU required coursework including years needed


CSU vs UC Systems  - Explains the difference between  CSU & UC Application process & eligibility 


CSU Campus Impaction Information 2016-2017 - Lists impacted programs/majors in CSU systems


Why Attend a Community College  - Discusses benefits of attending community college


11 Vocational Skills in High Demand - Describes the 11 top vocational programs 


SAT/ACT Testing Dates - Lists 2016-2017 testing schedule 


FAFSA - How to Apply - Lists steps to apply for Free Application for Student Aid


FAFSA - Who's my Parent? - Explains which parent's financial information to use when completing the FAFSA. This is especially relevant for students with divorced parents. 

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